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Simple And Sober

Hope And Home Of Artists

Our journey is the result of a compelling urge to celebrate the richness and diversity of traditional Indian textiles. The urge was strengthened with a relevant question we asked ourselves. Should our craft culture belong to the past alone; are we doing enough to revive these craft forms? The answer is a firm NO. We strongly believe that ancient weaving techniques must get out of museums and not simply remain heirloom concepts.
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Never Ending Journey

We have the desire to create, but might need a little push sometimes. We are a group of people who love to design and create. Small creative business owners who are getting up the guts to go for it… No matter how someone looks at it, we are putting ourselves out there for everyone to see.

Hailing The Heritage And Culture

We encourage creativity, helping new and experienced artists find more confidence in their skills, and giving them that final push to get art out into the world.

Vibrant Spirit

Life is indeed about simple pleasures because most of the artisans of the world famous Hand Block Printing, known for their beauty and fine quality of its evaluated designs, colors, paradox patterns.

Universal Traditions

Between outside influences and the diversity of the subcontinent’s own indigenous communities and tribes, India has yielded one of the most magnificent pattern vocabularies ever.

Inspirational Sources

These printing designs add an edge to the garment and make it look alluring. Unlike different design trends hand block printing takes its inspiration from the age old form of arts.


Our mission

Chhapai Jaipur is inspired by love for the rich jewel-toned hues, intricate patterns, soft natural fabrics, and earthen feel which characterize Indian home furnishings. All of our products are handmade in collaboration with a group of independent artisans, designers, and crafters in India. During production, we work with multiple generations of families on all steps such as block-making, dyeing, printing and stitching. Our aim is to develop a sustainable source of income for these families and ensure that the cultural heritage of hand block printing continues to flourish.
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Chappai's parent firm, AB Exports has insured it's name in the overseas market as a top-notch seller of home furnishings, garments,travel accessories and hand block printed fabrics . The subsidiary firm, Chappai brings to you a sprawling collection of home furnishing and printed fabric made from extensive range of linens that are fit for every household..We offer crisp and carefully curated selection of linens,clothes and more to ensure you have it all under one platform.We offer detailed handblock prints,patterns andotifs created fresf from the highest quality workshoOur purpose of existence is to provide premium quality traditional handblock print with modern technology,surreal color palette and chic designs.Combining modernity and long-standing traditions ,our huge range of products are available in wide assortment of colors and styles.